Engine Oil Tagging


Quantum Tags on the Move: Engine Oil is under watch, Engines are safer. 

Traceability of information, such as the producer, production date, and etc., on vehicle parts is very important to discover the root cause of the problems faced. On the other hand, it is nearly impossible to track back the commercial history of a functional fluid that might have operated as the origin of a possible problem, particularly in the engine parts. Whether the problem originates from an intentional/unintentional misuse of a fluid product technically inappropriate for the vehicle, or a quality oriented issue, damages caused by the use of unapproved fluids lead to conflicts between the customer and the OEM in terms of the guarantee conditions.

To address this problem, Quantag has developed Quantum Tagging Technology that provides a real-time engine oil tracking system without affecting the overall fluid properties.

Car Consumables are under watch

Using Quantum Tags as engine oil markers, engine oils can be coded with respect to manufacturer and type. Quantag’s sensors can be placed on the vehicle, detect Quantum Tags real time during the fill up and record the corresponding information to the database.  The technology enables engine oil authentication for OEMs who can thus track whether a quality approved engine oil is used in the vehicle.