Quantum Tagging Technology


Quantum Tagging Technology

Quantag has developed “Quantum Tagging” technology, a novel method to identify and authenticate products. Quantum Tagging employs quantum dots to generate highly secure and unique quantum tags that cannot be duplicated. Quantum tags can be incorporated as Digital Tags or Quantum Dot Barcodes to carry secure & multiple information about products Quantum tags can be decoded only by ultra sensitive Quantag sensors, real time at the point of use. With this method high security authentication can be achieved in a cost effective way. Quantag’s Quantum Tagging Technology enables authentication and tracking of various products. Quantum tags can be used for on product tagging and in product tagging

 On Product Tagging

Quantum dots / tags can be incorporated in inks or polymers and then applied on the products with various printing techniques. Genuine products, brands and valuable documents can be protected with quantum dot authentication technology.

In Product Tagging

Quantum dots / tags can be directly incorporated in products. Liquid tagging and solid tagging are two different types of in product tagging

Liquid Tagging

Quantag is highly experienced on using Quantum tagging technology in functional fluids that are being used in vehicles. Throughout the distribution cycle, the liquid products like oil, fuel, adblue or chemicals can be authenticated and tracked real time. Liquid Tagging applications include;

Adblue Tagging 

Fuel Tagging

Engine Oil Tagging


Solid Tagging

In order to authenticate polymer & plastic products such as auto parts or casino chips, Quantum Dots / Tags can be incorporated in them during manufacturing process.