Founded in 1926, Koç Holding has become not only one of the largest and most successful groups of companies in Turkey but also in Europe, by staying one step ahead of change throughout its journey of 90 years. Adamant in observing in all its operations the principles and ethical values of administering corporate governance, undertaking social responsibility and providing environmental protection at international standards, the Koç Group is a global player constantly moving toward its objective of duplicating its success in Turkey at the global scale.

Sustaining its rapid growth with the same determination, OPET Petrolcülük A.Ş. is operating in the fields of retail sales, commercial and industrial fuels, mineral oils, storage and international trade.  

OPET, 50% of which was owned by Koç Holding Energy Group as at the end of 2002, has concentrated on infrastructure since its establishment.    Maintaining a great competitive advantage to OPET, storage capacity of the company rose to 1.115.193 m³ as of today. Currently being the 2nd biggest fuel-oil distribution company in Turkey, OPET has more than 1300 stations under the brand of OPET & SUNPET.


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A spin-off company from Opet Petroleum with a private equity of Koç Group and Ozturk Group.