Cd Based Quantum Dots

Cadmium based Quantum Dots are group II-VI quantum dots mainly consist of CdS, CdSe or CdTe. They are the most conventional quantum dots, with their emission wavelengths lying in the visible spectrum (400-650 nm). They can also achieve very high emission efficiencies in core/shell structure employing a shell layer (i.e. ZnS). This makes them good candidates for display applications. Quantag is experienced on producing Cd based quantum dots in the visible spectrum. For more information please contact us!.

Type: Conventional VIS QDs

Group: II-VI

Absorption Wavelengths: UV to VIS

Emission Wavelenghts: VIS

FWHM: ~35nm

Chemical Compositions: CdS, CdSe, CdTe, CdSSe/ZnS etc.

Solubility: Water or Organic