Ag Based Quantum Dots

Silver (Ag) based Quantum Dots can be group I-VI quantum dots mainly consisting of Ag2S, Ag2Se or Ag2Te, or group I-III-VI quantum dots with compositions AgInS2. They are heavy metal free particles with emissions lying in the NIR spectrum.  They can be configured in core/shell structure with a shell layer (i.e. ZnS) and have moderate efficiency. Quantag is experienced on producing Ag based quantum dots in the NIR spectrum. For more information please contact us!.

Type: Heavy metal free NIR QDs

Group: I-VI or I-III-VI

Absorption Wavelengths: UV to NIR

Emission Wavelengths: NIR

FWHM: ~150 nm

Chemical Compositions: Ag2S, Ag2Se, Ag2Te, AgInS2 , AgInS2/ZnS etc. .

Solubility: Water or Organic