Quantum Dot Mass Production


Continuous Flow Production: Quantum Dot Mass Production

Quantum Dots with their highly functional properties are needed in bulk amounts. Quantum Dot Mass Production is quite important for this reason. Quantum Dots are conventionally synthesized in batch reactors. Although this method is well established for small volume productions, it is not well suited for high volumes. Drawbacks of conventional (batch) production methods arise mainly from poor control on process and reaction parameters at high volumes which translates to quality loss, low yield and increased costs.

Quantag developed a continuous flow production system to overcome this problem. In this system, the reaction is carried out continuously inside microfluidic channels, with a fully automated fashion. This method enables precise control on process and reaction parameters, and hence enables repeatable production of high quality quantum dots at high volumes. Continuous flow production, by its nature, is also well suited for effortless scaling-up and allows for cost effective mass quantum dot production.

Quantag’s continuous flow production system:

  • Fully automated
  • Excellent control on process parameters
  • Produces unique, high quality quantum dots at high volumes
  • Cost effective production