Display Technologies

Quantum Dots and Future of Display Technologies

This is age of screens. Screen technology is gaining importance as the types of screens are proliferating. With the advancement of internet of things almost every complementary  technology product needs a screen. Quantum dots, with their tunable, discrete and narrow emissions, can provide wide color gamut coverage in displays. With this particular property, industry rushed to use quantum dots for next generation display technologies. 

Quantum TV

Quantum dot technology is most successfully employed in the recent LED-backlit LCDs nowadays called quantum TVs. Using Quantum Dots in the backlight of LCD TVs allows a wider color gamut than standard white LEDs can manage, and the spectrum exhibits less overlap between the peaks of red, green, and blue.

Next generation displays are prospected to employ Quantum Dots to replace color filters.

The future aim is to use Quantum Dots’ electroluminescence properties such that QDs will be located at each pixel and stimulated electrically to emit red, green and blue light with no need for a backlight at all. This will open up a route for printed and flexible displays.

The challenge for QD implemented displays is to develop heavy metal free, high performance QDs, produced in large volumes at low cost.