quantag applications

Practical Solutions to Long-Lasting Industrial Problems 

Tech we developed has immense applications in the industry. We listed here some of them and wanted to give you the glimpse of what we are capable of. We make use of Nanotechnology to create highly versatile technological solutions for various industries.


Quantum Dots are nanocrystals with unique optical properties and their sizes are ranging from 2-20 nm. Quantum dots are fluorescent nanoparticles such that, when they are excited with a light source, they respond with their unique colour. Quantum Dots’ unique optical and electrical characteristics make them suitable for many potential high-tech applications. For more information, please select from the list below:

On the other hand, product counterfeiting is a constantly growing global problem, having a cost of about half a trillion dollars annually, which corresponds to 2.5% of all global imports. Counterfeiting has various direct and indirect impacts on economy, health, and people’s security, as well.  Quantag has developed  “Quantum Tagging Technology”, a novel method to identify and authenticate products. Quantum Tagging Technology employs quantum dots to generate highly secure, unique tags that cannot be duplicated. These tags can be decoded only by ultra sensitive Quantag sensors, real time at the point of use. With this method, high level security can be achieved in a cost effective way.

Nanotechnology might help you with your business too. Do you have another application in mind? Please contact us.